Children of the Forest

Children of the Forest were established in 2005 and are a Registered non-profit Foundation based in Sangkhlaburi, an area close to the Thai – Myanmar border. They are nestled amongst a community of approximately 150,000 stateless refugees who have escaped from years of oppression in Myanmar. Significant numbers in the community were born in Thailand but being denied Thai citizenship means their access to education, legal support and healthcare is denied. This makes the community highly vulnerable to all forms of exploitation, and children are an especially vulnerable group.

Children of the Forest supports families (particularly children and mothers) to break the repeating cycle of poverty. Their Free School offers kindergarten and elementary school programmes for up to 250 children – resourcing them with educational supplies and a daily breakfast and lunch each day. Their preparatory education programmes, enable children to eventually transition into the Thai education system. Additionally, Children of the Forest provide a child protection centre for abandoned, abused or orphaned children. They also provide a mother’s refuge and healthcare clinic providing free healthcare treatment for families, and where necessary, cover any necessary hospital or medical fees.

Empowering children with an education gives them the vital opportunity to then progress on to local Thai Government high schools and possibly university, which in turn, gives them the right to Thai citizenship. Hence, Children of the Forest are a vital foundation in helping to break the repeating cycle of poverty that families find themselves born into.

Children of the Forest has provided education, healthcare, and residence to over 5,000 children in the last ten years alone. Without these vital safety-nets in place, a significant number of these children would risk human trafficking, forced labour, and exploitation.

Bangkok Patana School have proudly supported Children of the Forest for over 10 years and continue to do so this academic year. We aim to provide not only financial support during our regular fundraising events, but also support through appeals such as our Show Box Appeal at Christmas time, which has been a particular success which we will repeat this year.

Do please make contact with Children of the Forest and support them if you can.




Phone: +66 081 017 0014

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