Ski Trip 2024 - Niseko, Japan

Day 7 - Friday 23rd February

Our last day on the slopes was absolutely glorious! The snowfall from yesterday made the best skiing conditions today. We started and ended the day in beautiful sunshine with lots of smiles. 

Students spent they day skiing across numerous mountains with their new found style and confidence.  They've attempted runs between trees and park skiing over jumps (some more successful than others...). Students ended their days with a ski race on a slalom, being timed, ready for the evening presentation. Seeing the students on their last run down, laughing and whooping was a moment to remember. 

Day 6 - Thursday 22nd February

Day 5 of skiing complete! We really experienced the Japanese powder that everyone talks about today. Our day started with lots of sunshine before the snow arrived again. We are expecting heavy snowfall tonight so tomorrow is going to be even better!

We are proud of any students who found the progression of slopes a bit of a challenge yesterday. They have got up today, had a bit of a pep talk and faced their fears. They have all come off the mountain absolutely beaming and their love of skiing continues to build.

Excitement on the slopes today consisted of lots of tree and park skiing. The advanced group had lots of outstanding wipeouts, including their instructor! Round of applause to Will who was the the only member of the group who stayed on his feet today, and that includes the instructor! Shout out from the instructors goes to Daniel and Thuwaybah. Both have mastered some niche skills. Daniel is now crowned the half pipe King and Thuwaybah the ramp champion.

Day 5 - Wednesday 21st February

We are pleased to report that the wind has dropped today! Our instructors told us that yesterday was some of the hardest conditions they've had to teach in all season. Kudos to our students for cracking on and not making a fuss. This is what helps build resilience and determination. They are now equipped to take on any ski conditions! 

Temperatures today averaged about -7. Less wind and more powder made for a fantastic day on the slopes. Our 2 beginner groups managed to ski down a few black runs - very impressive.  For reference, these are the hardest runs on the mountain, with the exception of off piste territory. 

Day 4 - Tuesday 20th February

Day 4 on the slopes was a windy one. Instructors have said that the first two days of sunshine was uncharacteristic for Niseko. Whilst this was wonderful to start, the snow was rapidly melting. Winds have now started to blow in from Russia and with it comes the snow! 

The rain last night, teamed with heavy snowfall today has given us some challenging conditions on the slopes. Fear not... the students embraced this and have all come out better skiers because of it. Some started the day a little nervous but have ended the day as skiing champions. 

Day 3 - Monday 19th February

Second day of skiing done! A few tired faces and aching legs this morning but all ready and raring to go. 

Happy 12th Birthday to Mark! What better way to spend it than on a Japanese mountain with new friends. Mark had the whole of our ski gang sing happy birthday this evening, much to his enjoyment! They all had the pleasure of sharing his spectacular chocolate cake to celebrate. 

\All students made it up the mountain on chair lifts or gondolas, even those who are only on their second ever day of skiing. Some students took to chair lifts easier than others, but as always there were fits of laughter to follow. Coco managed to drop a ski off her own foot...the liftie skillfully having to reattach it back to her foot, mid air!

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