Overview of Sport at BPS

The competitive Sports programme runs in addition to the regular ECA programme. It is staffed by teachers and coaches and is coordinated by the Head of Sport (rimo@patana.ac.th) and the Sports and Activities office team.


The school year is split into four seasons (each approximately 8 weeks in length), for 5 age groups - see below:

Age Groups?

Ages for most school sports (Swimming is excluded) are as at August 1st. Students stay in the same age group for the whole academic year for seasonal sports.

U9's are aged 7 and 8 and predominantly in Y3 and Y4

U11's are aged 9 and 10 and predominantly in Y5 and Y6

U12's are aged 10 and 11 and predominantly in Y7 

U14's are aged 13 - 14 and predominantly in Y8 and Y9

Junior Varsity "JV" are aged under 19 and are in essence our 2nd best team in the school*

Varsity are aged under 19 and are in essence our top team in the school for that sport

*Please note sometimes our U14 teams are especially strong and may in fact be stronger than our JV teams due to the choices students make in terms of which sports to play in which seasons.

Keen to Train and Compete More? Consider our Academies?

At BPS we have five year-long Academy programmes for students who wish to take their sport to the next level and commit for the full year. These are fee paying programmes with full-time professional coaches.  BPS has Academies for:






Our Academies have recreational and selective streams and also attend and host a range of events throughout the year.


The main competition is against local International schools who are all members of BMAC (Bangkok Metropolitan Athletic Conference). There is a match scheduled nearly every week and an end-of season tournament. 

In addition, the school is a member of a regional sports conference, SEASAC (South East Asia Students Activity Conference) and Varsity teams compete against schools from across the region in end-of season tournaments and competitions.

Finally, we also compete in the sporting events organised by FOBISIA (Federation of British Schools in Asia) which include multi-sport Games which foster the development of all-around sporting skills for U11 aged students. They also host a range of Invitationals including; Gymnastics, Swimming, Tennis, Climbing, Sailing and Dance.

Sporting ECAs

The schedule above it also complimented by a range of Recreational ECAs offered by BPS Staff and Developmental Sports ECAs offered by Outside Providers. These vary throughout the year based on facility availability but include: Squash, Taekwondo, Table Tennis, Climbing, Futsal, Indoor Cricket and More!

Please refer to the various calendars on these pages for further details of dates and venues of the events and tournaments scheduled for this academic year.

Sports Trips

BPS Tigers and TigerSharks regularly attend events in the region both within Thailand and further abroad (Covid-19 allowing). We offer these opportunities to student-athletes as we believe they offer a wealth of learning experiences and a lifetime of memories. Trips include SEASAC Championships, FOBISIA Games and Stand-Alone events, various Invitational events and even a Ski Trip! Our Sports and Activities team plan these events carefully and all trip documentation is approved by the Thailand Ministry of Education. 

School sports trips are user pays and below is a fact sheet about how we calculate the costs of taking part in such trips and tours:

Gender Inclusion Guidelines